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Since August 2017, IdeaSport has excelled at training the youth of Central Florida in soccer at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World

From its hub at Wide World of Sports, IdeaSport currently has a soccer academy, summer programs, and organizes professional soccer events. Today, more than 600 players, ages 5 – 20 are part of the IdeaSport family. The IdeaSport Soccer Academy hand selects its coaches to ensure that each coach understands the importance of using soccer as a tool to teach players essential values such as integrity, accountability, leadership, and other vital life lessons

At IdeaSport, our athletes have access to full training equipment, onsite medical trainers, a college program, USSF & UEFA licensed coaches, nutrition classes, gym sessions, and much more. While our focus currently is on soccer, the state-of-the-art facilities at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at Walt Disney World offer many possibilities to expand into other sports, and would allow IdeaSport to train thousands of children from around the world.


“To enhance the health, wellness, and education of our youth through participation in sports.”

IdeaSport Foundation - our drive


Our drive is to provide access to first-class soccer training and facilities to all children throughout Central Florida, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

We have a desire to develop these children into tomorrow’s leaders.
Not far from the shining lights of ESPN’s Wide World of Sports is the city of Kissimmee, Florida, which has a poverty rate of nearly 25%. These are children and families right here in our community that we have the opportunity to help. Here at IdeaSport, we firmly believe that a child’s socioeconomic status should not be a barrier to his or her development, on or off the pitch. Just because a child grows up economically disadvantaged does not mean he or she does not deserve access to world class facilities. The IdeaSport Foundation wants to provide access to ALL children.

Sports are a great unifier and educator. Our desire is to use sports to teach and preserve values such as respect for yourself, respect for others, integrity, personal responsibility, and an overall awareness and connection to our neighbors and the community around us. Our athletes will know how to discern right from wrong, and will be able to face real life situations with determination and solutions for a best outcome. By having strong values at the center of our training methodology, future athletes will not only be skilled in their sport, but they will also be good teammates and citizens.


Values are a series of universal principles that govern how most of us live. They guide us in how we conduct ourselves to live harmoniously in community. These values are innate to the human being, lasting over time and transferable to any place in the world. At IdeaSport, we stress the following values:

Know and do what is right.

Treating others the way you want to be treated.

Embrace opportunities to contribute.

Bring your best to all competition.

Receiving an education based on these core values will provide student athletes with security, confidence, strength, and the ability to know what to do and what to expect from others. These values will not only help the student athletes today, but will also help shape them into becoming exceptional adults and valuable members of society.


We invite you to join the IdeaSport Foundation in offering young athletes the opportunity to excel. While they may not currently have the means to receive high-caliber training centered on values and education, your contribution would help provide that path to catapult these youths from low-income families to a college education and a brighter future. Your fully tax-deductible gift will go directly to making a difference in a young athlete’s life.